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Safely working wth ease

With his pneumatic and electric turning devices, compressor designer Kaspar Emunds put an end to the time-consuming manual turning of supersize flywheels for maintenance and repair work.

The second strike? Flow-optimized and maintenance-free turbo non-return valves created at EDS. Both are obvious and ingenious ideas that not only give EDS Maschinenbau more and more grateful customers, but also provide a constant incentive for new and further developments.

Highly economic Non-
return Valves

The patented, self-closing check valves by EDS were developed to optimally protect compressed air systems in compressor stations or CO2 reliquefaction systems against gas backflow. Their compact design facilitates integration into the system and they remain maintenance-free in the long term.

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Pneumatic Rotation Devices

Pistons and rotors of compressors turn without effort: The easy-to-operate, extendable EDS turning devices lock into the flywheel and bring it exactly into the desired position for maintenance and repair work. BB

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Hydraulic Rotation Devices

High-performance turning aids with stronger thrust for easy turning of particularly heavy flywheels.

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Rotation motor for flywheels

EDS has also found a practical solution for the slow rotation of flywheels on gas and diesel engines with the BM1 pneumatic tunring motor. The portable assistive equipment is manually applied and controlled and is therefore extremely versatile.

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Electrical Rotation Devices

EDS facilitates the turning of rotors on reciprocating compressors and electric motors with an electric turning device, that sets flywheels in motion with the help of a gear wheel. The advantage: the force applied and the direction of rotation can be individually adjusted.

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Hydraulic Tensioning Tools

The individually manufactured clamping devices for screw elements from EDS also help to reduce physical efforts, thereby also helping to reduce downtimes.

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EDS Maschinenbau owner and CEO Rolf Emunds stands ready to answer any questions you may have.

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