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Pressure loss diagram (Darstellung doppelt logarithmisch)

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EDS-Turbo Check Valves are used to protect compressed air systems against gas backflow. They have a compact design and are installed between 2 standard flanges. When pressure and speed drop, the low-mass plastic sealing body is immediately closed by the differential pressure of the system. This is because the system’s pressure is constantly present – from below the sealing body down to the annular bearing surface due to the pressure compensation holes, and is the case even when the valve is open.

The valve consists of only 4 components and is maintenance-free. Due to streamlined, nozzle-shaped cross sections, not smaller than 80% of the free pipe cross section, EDS valves feature the lowest pressure loss of their type.
The circular support of the sealing body is self-centering and gas-tight even at higher temperatures, as geometric errors and thermal expansion have no negative effects.

Due to the special manufacturing process for the sealing body, a tightness is achieved that is otherwise only usual for soft gaskets (leakage rate A according to DIN EN 12266-1:2003 P12).

The valves are also suitable for media containing dust and condensate, as hardly any deposits are possible due to the nozzle-shaped design.


  • Low pressure drop
  • Streamlined, nozzle-shaped cross sections
  • No smaller than 80 % of the free pipe cross section.
  • Maintenace-free
  • Gas tight

Data sheet DN15 bis DN100 Typ ERV


Technical data


Valve sizes                   from DN15 to DN100, from 1/2″ to 4″

Flange design        DIN EN 10902-1, ASME B 16.5

Max. pressure                                up to 320 bar / 2500 lbs

Material                       1.4057 – X 22CrNi 17 / 1.4571 – X6 CrNiMoTi 17 12 2

Sealing body                      PEEK

Temperature range        up to 200° Celsius

Description of the standard version, individual adaptations possible at wish!


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